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Import and distribution of veterinary medicine

The company was founded in 1991. in Belgrade. The main activity is the representation of foreign manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceuticals. During its development Provet becomes one of the leading companies in Serbia, both in the assortment, and the number of representation of renowned world manufacturers of veterinary medicines.
In July 2008 Provet received ISO 9001:2001 and HACCP certificates by the German DQS certificatin body.

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New law on medicines and medical devices

lekThe new law on medicines and medical devices allows compliance with the directives and other regulations of the EU in the field of drugs and medical devices, as well as the requirements of World Trade Organization. The law shall regulate the conditions and procedure for issuing permits for putting drugs on the market, or entries in the Register of medical devices, manufacturing and sales of medicines and medical supplies, surveillance in these areas, as well as the work of the Agency for Drugs and Medical Devices in Serbia.


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Law on Medicines and Medical Devices


We have registered a new product from Bioveta:

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